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Drugstore Lip Kits

Kylie Jenner's launch of lip kits has been such a whirlwind and it's no surprise that affordable drugstore brands are now recreating the concept with different shades and at a much affordable price tag. Makeup Revolution, Lottie London and Barry M have all launched lip kits in the past month and they have been so successful that a lot of them have been sold out.

Lottie London is the only brand that has created these lip kits which can also be brought separately whilst Barry M have only launched 3 NEW Limited edition shades specifically for their Lip Kit whilst still maintaining five original shades as part of their original collection.

On the other hand, Makeup Revolution have not only launched 8 matte lip kits but have also created 3 new shades for two new finishes in metallic and gloss. Unfortunately, they are not selling these shades individually (but I think they should).

Being the cheapest on the market, they have sold out countless times and only a selection of the shades are available in store at Superdrug. Lottie London is only available in bigger Superdrug stores and Barry M has finally released their Lip Kits in store.

With Lottie London's Slay All Day Lip Kits being the highest at £8.95, you get a 6ml Liquid lipstick alongside a 1.10g lip liner. The Barry M Matte Me Up Lip Kits are only £6.99 and unfortunately, there wasn't any information on their website or Superdrug's website regarding how much product is in the liquid lipstick or lip liner. Lastly, we have Makeup Revolution's Retro Luxe Matte Lip Kits at only £6 each, and contains 5.5ml of matte lipstick and 1g of lip liner.

The packaging for each product is really nice however, like most people, you don't tend to keep them (especially if you don't have space for makeup, let alone, cardboard). The Luxe kits are almost exactly like the Kylie Jenner ones with the stamp of lips on the front but in black and rose gold packaging. The Slay All Day Kits have a repetition of lips in the exact shade of the product all laid out on white background and lastly, Barry M is simple in packaging and just has the shade colour at the front and back with black on the sides, their attention is focused on the font used.

In terms of the product packaging, Makeup Revolution has a transparent bottle with a rose gold cap and a sticker label with the shade on it. The lip liner is all black with just the colour shade on the end of the pencil. Whilst, Barry M has the same concept but with a black cap and a lot more information on the bottle and the lip pencil is all black and has the shade on the end. The Lottie London packaging is the shade colour and a black lid. The shade name is placed in a heart and the lip liner is all black with a strip showcasing the shade colour.

The Luxe Mattes, when trying, first hand, was a little too drying for me. I did try Regal (a rich orange red) and it was just filling into the lines on my lips. However, after a few more tries. I found that I got very comfortable with the formula and my lips was adjusting to it. The Noble shade was less drier than Regal. The lip pencils to both are so creamy and easy to apply that I seriously think that Revolution should sell them separately. I would buy in bulk.

With the Matte Me Up liquid lipsticks, I found that as soon I applied it to my lips it went completely matte within thirty seconds to a minute. I didn't particularly like the lip pencil as it was a lot stiffer than the Makeup Revolution ones but it was OK and you could easily get use to them. I think the formula on this liquid lipstick is amazing and I was really surprised by how comfortable they are on the lips. The Runaway (pink) shade is my all time favourite. It's so unique and usually I stay clear of hot pinks but it just looks so good on the lips. I'm not so keen on the Pose shade as it doesn't really match my skin tone but I think for a much lighter skin tone, it will look great. The other shade part of this limited edition collection would have been my perfect shade as it's a nice nude. Overall, the formula is much more comfortable than other brands and it does last a long time on the lips.

The Slay All Day Lip kit in #TBT, has a similar formula to the Barry M ones. I love the lip pencil on this one as it is creamy and blends in really nicely and the liquid lipstick is a little drying but you get more comfortable with it as the day goes by. I think that it is a nice formula and is definitely worth trying out.

My overall thoughts are that the drugstore have really smashed these lip kits. The formulas might need some getting use to but for the prices, I think it is well worth it. The Makeup Revolution one being the cheapest is something I would recommend however if you can spare an extra 99p, then pick up the Barry M as they felt the most comfortable on my lips. The Lottie London being the priciest in the drugstore still makes them well worth the price as they too, have a nice formula which makes it easier to wear, day to day.

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