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NEW KID ON THE BLOCK- Tayler Prince Fraser

An exclusive interview with model and co-business owner, Tayler Prince Fraser who talks about Life, Fashion and Modelling.

Tayler Prince Fraser, aged 19, from Croydon, South London, is a Fashion model signed up with ‘W Models Management Agency’. Fraser has worked with brands such as ASOS and Adidas Originals. Last year, he walked the catwalk for Sibling London’ Autumn/Winter 2016 collection at London Fashion Week. The collection was featured in British Vogue online.

Fraser was also featured in an online editorial for Attitude Magazine with his brother, Koen, where they modeled high street fashion. Not only was it an online editorial but it was also featured in Attitude magazine for the March 2016 Issue.

Fraser promotes himself by the use of social media, and in particular, Instagram. He uses the app as a way to showcase his style and fashion. When asked to describe his style in three words, he said, ‘functional, cosy and black’, which is a recognizable trait as seen on his Instagram.

His new venture is ‘The Basement Approved’ which is an online community with over 60,000 subscribers, that talks about Fashion, Art, Music and Culture. Following many topics, the brand aims to aspire young ambitious minds from the ages of 14 to 25. ‘The Basement Approved’ is also a brand that doesn’t believe in age discrimination and employs young aspirations to give youths a chance to do something fun, enjoyable as well as give them a learning experience. ‘The Basement Approved’ also hires photographers, designers, journalists and more to create contents that will attract readers.

The brand is also a selling trade that allows other to sell their unwanted items. ‘The Basement Approved’ has since launched their own clothing collection which includes t-shirts, jackets and hats. A great way that ‘The Basement’ exposes themselves is by setting up their own pop up stores around the country to promote their website and bring in new readers and widen their community.

In this exclusive interview, Tayler Prince Fraser takes the time out of his busy schedule of running a co-owned business and modelling, to talk to us about his life, accomplishments and Fashion.

1. What would you say is your big break in the modelling industry, so far?

Erm, probably walking for Sibling London last year; that, alongside a few editorials and campaigns that seriously helped with my modelling portfolio. I still wouldn't say I've had a big break though yet, just occasionally do bits here and there.

2. In 2015, you were studying Fashion Design at UCA, why did you decide to pursue ‘The Basement Approved’ full time, whilst still modelling?

I found that fashion design wasn't something I wanted to pursue. What it taught me was invaluable though, I’m very grateful to have spent time there. Having been taught/mentored by my tutor Amber and having such a great support system through my friends- shout out to Lauren, Aiysha and George, really taught me a lot, both about fashion design and the industry on a whole. I really did enjoy the research side of things, it allowed me to invest a lot into projects and learn a lot too. I believe a greater understanding of the project at hand allows for a greater result.

3. As a male model that’s primarily dominated in a female populated industry, what are your thoughts on the gender pay gap in the modelling industry?

I believe it’s a matter of supply and demand; women models are more in demand so can command a higher salary, it’s as simple as that. I don't believe the issue is any deeper than that.

4. I noticed on your website that you have a regular blog post about Brexit, what are your thoughts on this topic?

I was pro Brexit. I believe that we needed to leave the EU in order to grow. We have become too comfortable with mediocrity; staying in the EU wouldn't have commanded the changes that the country needed.

5. What are your plans for 2017?

My plan for 2017 is just continue working towards my goals in life, constantly improving myself for the people I surround myself with. As well as continue to grow the Basement and to make a change in the world we live in, enabling young people within the community to do the things they love.

On his passion, ‘The Basement Approved’,

“I'm one of a few owners of The Basement Approved. The Basement isn't your typical brand. It started as a small streetwear community, where members could sell, trade and discuss clothes. The Basement has since grown, not only in size but also in outlook. To its 60,000+ members, it’s so much more than just talking about the latest trends. It has become a platform for youth culture to discuss and support interests in Fashion, as well as Art, Politics, Music and more. If young people have an interest in it, The Basement is becoming the place where it’s being discussed. Having started the brand in December 2013, it has now evolved into a multi-channel youth movement that makes its own clothes, works with brands like Nike and Adidas, and sets up its own pop-up stores around the country. With photographers, designers, journalists, and more all on-board, it has become a breeding ground of creative talent. But, at the heart of everything, they do still remain a community for youth culture. The Basement is unwilling to bow down to age discrimination in employment and is setting out to disrupt the status quo. Employing the talents of anyone as young as 14, giving opportunities to all deserving, it is a place that is allowing young people to thrive in the face of everything from the erosion of youth services to tuition fee hikes. The Basement is a place of respect and encouragement. It is giving a platform to young people, where others aren’t. It sees itself as not only a big part of British street-wear fashion, but as a model to the future of societal values. My biggest ambition for The Basement is to make a change to the world we live in. For everyone. To make a change to current political and economic structures, making it better for the people. At the Basement, I work with a big team that tackles a multitude of tasks; styling, creating, designing, project managing, the list goes on. But, I love it all. I wouldn't change it for the world. The hardest part about it is having time to do things outside of it, such as spending time with my family, my girlfriend, going to the gym etc. But I try to make it work! One of my biggest accomplishments so far is enabling young people within the community to do the things they love, that they can't. ”

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