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Top 10 'Best Dressed' at Met Gala 2017

The theme for the 2017 Met Gala and the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s annual Costume Institute exhibition is Comme Des Garcons' Rei Kawakubo who is the first living designer since Yves Saint Laurent in 1983 to be the sole subject of interest for the Met's exhibition.

Kawakubo is known for working with unusual shapes and disproportions whilst adding an element of colour, theme, or meaning behind it. The designers are put to the test to recreate a garment with Kawakubo's way of thinking to create a garment that portrays the theme of Kawakubo' designs.

1. Rihanna wearing Comme Des Garcons

Although, it was a design created by Rei Kawakubo, you can't help but be entranced by the

beauty and creation of such a garment. With different printed fabrics, ruffle inspired shapes almost designed to create flowers that opens up. paired with strappy lace up heels, it completes the overall look.

2, Nicki Minaj wearing H&M

Nicki Minaj is dressed to impress with this Comme Des Garcons inspired H&M bodysuit with a trail. The blazing red compliments the black and fits in perfectly with Minaj's fierce independence and attitude. The garment seems to be made of leather material and has chiffon and satin to accompany it. The bodysuit has wide strapless shoulders, with a strip of red satin going across her body from her neckline. The trail, paneled in black and red, has been embellished with sequences and gems paired with polyethylene floral pieces.

3. Zendaya wearing Dolce and Gabbana

Zendaya is wearing a gorgeous ball gown inspired piece that is printed with a parrot and is a repetition. The sleeves, which rests on her arm, is a vibrant orange whilst the dress is depicted in gold, following through with a large border of satin orange. Her afro hair style completes the look and gives it more of an authentic look.

4. Dakota Johnson wearing Gucci

Gucci's Alessandro Michele follows through with the theme of Comme Des Garcons by creating a beauty black long dress with a deep v neck and embellished statement shoulders, using endless ruffles to mimic Kawakubo's work. The ruffles continue around the knee area and swirls with ridged layering that goes on to become a small trail.

5. Blake Lively

Whilst the colour scheme for this particular fish tail dress doesn't represent Comme Des Garcons, the detailing put into the dress makes it more relateble to Rei Kawakubo. The layering and feathering is seen several times on her catwalk, The use of material also a lines with Kawakubo's work.

6. Solange Knowles wearing Thom Browne

Solange's whole attire just screams Comme Des Garcons. The padding, the material, and the accesories, makes it look as though Rei Kawakubo designed it herself. The fitted bomber jacket has an extension that flows as a trail behind her.

7. Rita Ora wearing Marchesa

With a gorgeous silky bow tied over her shoulder, the fabric moves down her body in a rhythmic way that just entrapped her body and accentuates her figure. Matching the fabric, her skirt is a dusty nude, that has been made to look like a ball gown and extends as a train behind her.

8. Katy Perry wearing Maison Margiela- designed by John Galliano

Whilst her veil isn't my favourite, I think her garment is a definite representation of Rei Kawakubo. The dress has pannelling and gathring whilst also having embellishments around the arms and mid section. No Rei Kawakubo inspired dress isn't complete until it has some ruffles gathered together to form flowers.

9. Ruth Negga wearing Valentino

The slits at the side of the dress is a reminder of Kawakubo's alternative style. Whilst she often goes for boldly disproportionate shapes, she does delve into some simplistic styles. The polo styled neckline, the printed fabric, and the slits definitely gives off a Comme Des Garcons vibe.

10. Cassie Ventura wearing On Aura Tout Vu

Casie Ventura is most probably the best example of Kawakubo's invention, with it being bold, daring and voluminous. With a fitted bodice, the skirt extends out, flaring to become this overflow of ridged pieces, mimicking spikes, and leaving behind a trail.

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