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These are the best drugstore mascaras that I could find that gives me volume, curls my lashes and lengthens them too. Please note that if you do not like clumpy volumizing and fluttery lashes then this is not the blog post for you. I just love a good clumpy lash look on myself.

1. Maybelline- Lash Sensational / £8.99

Available: Boots, Superdrug

This is a mascara that I absolutely love ever since I tried it on nearly three years ago. I love the clumpy effect it gives my lashes. The brush is great as it has a curve to it with shorter bristles on the inner curve and longer bristles outside. The brush shape perfect for wiggling it against your lashes and twisting the brush so that the small bristles helps separate lashes whilst the longer ones lengthens it. This is a must have in my opinion and I don't think I will ever not have one of these in my makeup collection.

How it looks on my eyes: To be honest, the image doesn't give a true representation of how it looks in real life but it gives you an idea on what to expect. Follow me on Snapchat (Sharinhussain) or Instagram (live) to see any of these mascaras in action.

2. Essence- I Heart Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara / £2.80

Available: Wilko's

Essence is such an under-rated brand but I absolutely love their products and they are super affordable. I think compared to the other Essence mascara, this one just lengthens the lashes a lot more whilst the other one allows more volume.

How it looks on my eyes:

3. Kiko Milano- Extra Sculpt Mascara / £8.90

Available: http://www.kikocosmetics.com/en-gb/

This is a mascara that is raved about constantly on KathleenLight's Channel which on her, looked so clumpy and voluminous and fluttery all at the same time that I decided to pick it up when it was on sale for £3.90.

How it looks on my eyes:

4. Essence- The False Lashes Mascara Extreme Volume & Curl / £2.80

Available: Wilko's

This is one of the products I tested out in my Essence Makeup video and I was super surprised by how amazing this mascara is and it's only under £3. I love using this mascara

How it looks on my eyes:

5. L'Oreal Lash Sculpt Mascara / £10.99

Available: Boots, Superdrug, other online retailers.

With this being the most priciest item on this list, I should say that it is definitely worth trying out. Whilst this applicator may be unusual for some of you, it does have many beneficial aspects to it. To begin with, the bristles are only on one side of the brush which means that less product is being wasted. Next, you have the shape of the brush that has a slight curve to it which helps you coat every single little lash in the inner corner of your eye. Finally, we have the tight-lining aspect of it which allows you to tight line your upper and lower lashes without causing any irritations or watering your eyes. I think this mascara is a great mascara that really is beginner-proof!

How it looks on my eyes:

Let me know what your favourite drugstore and high end mascaras are!

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