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Top 5 Zendaya Fashion Moments

Zendaya is well known for being a Disney star from shows such as KC Undercover and Shake it up. As well as being an amazing dancer, she has also started a singing career and her song ‘Replay’ has over 5 million views on YouTube. In recent events, she has launched her own footwear line with footwear company Titan Industries naming her collection, Daya By Zendaya.

I absolutely love her style and alongside that, her hair styles and her makeup too. She's a real beauty and if I were to ever meet her, I would fan girl so much I might even faint (but I’ll try to play it cool, as you do).

Here are my top 5 looks that Zendaya wore during last year and the beginning of this year. I love her style but by far, these are my top favourite looks that she did and if I were to ever look half as good as her then I will die a happy woman.

1. Met Gala 2015

So to start off, the inspiration behind the met gala was a Chinese theme and Zendaya slayed that scene with a modernized deep v necked velvet strapped top attached to a silk red skirt with a long trail. What made this outfit Chinese inspired were the little details such as her head piece which if I'm not mistaken is traditional what they would wear on special occasion and the print design on her skirt. It is known that China is very symbolic and every symbol has its own meaning. I tried to find the specific meaning to her one but the best that I found talks about how the sun symbol is immortality. She also has some rustic antique looking jewellery pieces with a bangle and an arm cuff. Not to mention that the side of the trail has a zig-zag pattern in black and white.

2. Golden Globes 2016

This is such a gorgeous outfit and she made that dress look beautiful. The lace dress have a deep v neck and is strapless, it also has three layers of ruffles that have been pleated slightly to give it more volume. I love the dark maroon shade she went for and her hair and makeup complimented the outfit. I just love her! She's amazing.

3. Beauty Con 2015

This is such a stunning look, so casual yet so fierce. So, she's wearing a strapless tight fitted crop top which has this sort of marbled design printed on it and the light lavender blue helps give that illusion. The print is also on the jacket that around her shoulders and she's also wearing a knee length skirt that has a slit at the side and a pair of blue strappy heels. I think this can look casual and formal but somehow she does both. She's amazing! I also just wanted to mention that she's also now part of Cover Girl! Whoop Whoop!

4. Harper Bazaar 2015

She slayed this magazine editorial. This is probably the look I loved the most! The outfit itself, makes me think of very traditional African prints. I love the colour combinations of having similar colours of dark green, navy and teal with a nice pop of yellow to give it contrast. The skirt is high low with a lot of pleats. The top also has the same print as the skirt but it perceives to be a wrap that gives her an off shoulder look as well. Her curly voluminous hair adds to the look alongside the cute crab handbag.

5. Material Girl 2015

This is a super body flattering look that I absolutely love. I know that Zendaya is very opinionated when it comes to her images in magazines where she has declared that no photo-shopping should take place on her body and I thank her tremendously for the courage she has to stand up to the people who make women feel like their body is inadequate. I feel as though, blue is a colour that really compliments Zendaya. This is a printed body con dress with straps and a slit in the middle of skirt. The print has been complimented with a black border around it which accentuates her features.

I love everything that Zendaya is doing and I couldn't be more proud of her for all that she has achieved. Keep slaying, princess and show 'em whose boss!

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