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Top 5 Eye Liners- Review & Swatches

These are my most used eye liners from the drugstore that I love and honestly would recommend to everyone to try out, as they are affordable and are comparable to high end eyeliners (but to be fair, I haven't tried that many high end liners so please recommend some for me to try out!). I only have one high end mascara and this is my most used and love liquid liner ever and although it is a little pricey, it is just the best and my ride or die, but some of the drugstore ones I will be mentioning are VERY comparable to that high end one so it can be a dupe!

1. Zoeva- Calli Graphic / £7.50

Available: Beauty Bay, Cult Beauty

This is probably my least used liner out of the range and to be completely honest, I much prefer the pen liner better from Zoeva but I no longer have it and am waiting to repurchase it. However, it is still a good liner, easy to use and lasts a long time. Not my absolutely favourite but it's a good all-rounder and isn't breaking your bank.

2. Essence- Dip Eyeliner Waterproof / £2.80 (bargain!)

Available: Wilko's

Now Essence is a brand that I rave about all the time (especially in my youtube videos) so when I first tried this out in a testing out video, I was shook by how pigmented this liner is, however whilst the product is amazing, the packaging isn't but I honestly don't mind as the product far exceeds the way it looks. I have only tried out the waterproof version and I have had it since that video and am constantly using it so it has lasted a long time. It's got a thicker brush to it which can make it hard to do small flicks but I am OK with that as I love the finish of this eyeliner and it does last a long time (I've even fallen asleep wearing this and it was slightly smudged at the flick but easy to rectify). Worth it, love it and can't live without it! The hand swatch was the best that took a lot of scrubbing to get off which is expected as it claims to be waterproof so you can definitely count on it for that aspect.

3. NYX- Matte Liner / £6

Available: Boots

I've only had this liner for about 2 months and it is fast becoming an all time favourite. For me, it is very comparable to my high end liner (The Balm Schwing) which is double the price but the way it looks is so similar. They have different brushes and this one is much thinner but prefect for doing small flicks and being more precise with the application. I think for the price, it is so worth trying out as it is easy to use and might be just what a beginner to liner will need to help with flicks. Aside from the Essence waterproof liner, this was the next best swatch test that lasted the longest under water and took a little bit of rubbing to get off which compared to the balm liner, took merely seconds to disappear.

4. Maybelline- Master Precise / £5.99

Available: Boots, Superdrug

I have been using this liner for a VERY long time and I'm already on my third tube. As a pen liner, this is super easy to use, and makes it great for travelling with. It does have a nice point which makes doing slightly thicker flicks easier to do and I just love the way it looks overall. I think it is a very good, affordable drugstore liner that you have got to try out if you are looking for a quick fix or if you are new to liner and prefer pen liners. I love this and will continue to always use this plus one tube lasts me around 4-5 months and I use this at least once a week. The swatch for this one looks like it is a satin finish but on the eyes, it is definitely a matte liner.

5. The Balm- Schwing Liner / £15 (Wowcher!)

Available: Boots, Superdrug, ASOS

This is heaven in a tube and I cannot live without this beauty in my life. I am always in awe at this liner every time I wear it because it is super matte black, bold on the eyes and so easy to do cat flicks. It is a little pricey for what it is but I purchased this for £9.60 so I am waiting for my next discount to pick it up because it is so worth the money. I have had this one since December but I didn't use it for like two months because the packaging is a little annoying so be careful not to tighten the lid to much otherwise you cannot break the sucker free. Would I buy this full price? Yes. It is definitely worth it, in my opinion.

Let me know what your favourite drugstore and high end liners are so I can try them out!

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