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What I got from the Black Friday Sale?

This year, the black Friday sale started quite early with a lot of brands opting to have a continuous sale from the beginning of November, however, I felt like some things were worth waiting to buy on the actual day of Black Friday (27th November if you didn't know).


I ended up doing two orders with them- the sale was too good and if you were lucky, you may have found an additional discount code making it even cheaper than the BF sale prices. I used beautybytaybz code to get an additonal 20% off.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir Set:

I love this spray but this alone costs £32 so I was patiently waiting for a good deal that makes it worth while. This set includes a full size 100ml Beauty Elixir, Instant Foaming Cleanser 50ml and Glycolic Peel 15ml.

Original Price: £32 20% off: £25.60 Black Friday Deal: £19.19

Nars Afterglow Balm Set:

This came with 3 minis and one full-size product. I already have a full size version and love it and thought this was the most cost effective way to try out other shades whilst getting a full size version.

Original Price: £32 20% off: £25.60 Black Friday Deal: £19.24

Armani Luminous Silk Foundation:

A holygrail for many influencers. I tried a sample version of this and loved it and did in fact pick it up for £38 however I felt it was still to expensive so I returned it and I am so glad I did as I just saved myself an extra £10 buying it from LF.

Original Price: £43 20% off: £34.40 Black Friday Deal: £28.59

Pixi Glow-y Gossamer Duo- Subtle Sunrise:

I've seen and watched people fall in love with this highlighter and seeing as I was on the hunt for a compact highlighter, this one was perfect. I hope it lives up to expectations.

Original Price: £20 20% off: £16 Black Friday Deal: £10.56

Pixi Glow Tonic 250ml:

I had a 100ml version of this which I have finished and thought this was the perfect opportunity to buy a new one and whilst the smaller version was also on sale, this one was more bang for your buck.

Original Price: £18 20% off: £14.40 Black Friday Deal: £9.50

Nudestix Sun & Sea Nude Beach Palette:

I have always wanted to try nudestix. This brand

Without adding the tin as an item, I end up paying £7.50 per item which is an absolute steal considering the whole set is worth £126.

Original Price: £75 20% off: £60 Black Friday Deal: £52.50

Caudalie Beauty Elixir 30ml x2:

Couldn't resist getting these as well. I go through this spray like water. This set is amazing as I ended up with 2 for less than the price of 1.

Original Price: £12 (£24 for 2) 20% off: £9.60 (£19.20) Black Friday Deal: £10.79

Caudalie Grape Water x4:

They already had a buy one get one free offer on this but using a discount code, I was able to pick up 4 for less than the price of 1.

Original Price: £6 each 20% off: £4.80 Black Friday Deal: £4.48


Another site that I was on constantly and I did make two different orders with this as well. One was a very expensive purchase but I think it will be worth it in the long run.

Ole Henriksen Glow Facial:

This was on offer during a £10 Tuesday during the first lockdown and sold out so quick that I wasn't able to get it so when I saw it on sale during BF, I couldn't resist. Everyone seems obsessed with this and I wanted to see what the hype was about.

Original Price: £42 Black Friday Deal: £10

Philips Lumea Prestige BRI953/00:

I have always wanted this but because it was soo expensive, I kept stopping myself from buying it. However, last year my friend brought during the Black Friday sale and based on her recommendation, I finally got it. I've heard people rave about this but its different when it comes from someone you know so it was finally time to buy it.

This was by far the cheapest its ever been and I'm so glad I picked it up for the price I did.

So, the original price was £475 and on Philips website it was on sale at the beginning of November for £276- I almost picked it up then but I thought let me wait a little longer. Then it went down to £266 and it sold out quickly. On boots however, they had a price match guarantee and sure enough it was also on sale for £266. What was even better was that I was able to recive and extra 10% AND got £45 worth of points so all in all, I saved far more than I could have expected.

Original Price: £475 Black Friday Deal: £240


I only ended up picking one item from their actual BF sale however they have a section called Special Prices, which are random dsicounts on items on their website.

Swiss Dot Midi Dress: £49.99 to £15.99

I had been eying this dress for a long time and it kept going in and out of stock but finally, I was able to be quick enough to order it. I'm still waiting for it as well speak so I can't say much about the fit.


Lapel Coat: £29.99 to £17.99

This is the one item I picked up on sale. I actually ordered this like 2 months ago and returned it as I didn't really need it even thought the original price is so worth it, but when I saw it on sale, that's when I needed it. I couldn't resist a £12 saving.


Contrast Texture Blazer: £59.99 to £25.99

I liked this blazer for its colour combo and the added leather collar. I think it will become a staple in my wardrobe as I don't have blazers. The value for money made it all the more worth it.


Suit Trousers with Vent on the Hem: £19.99 to £9.99

I actually picked up both the trousers and blazers but decided that the plain black blazer wasn't necessary as I had the contrast one. This was a super comfortable fit and that's why I decided to keep the trousers.


Premium Denim Shirt: £25.99 to £12.99

This was actually from the men's section and a total bargain. I got it in L as I wanted it to be super oversized and be long enough to keep me modest.


Plush Jersey Dress: In black, grey and bluish £17.99 to £9.99

I fell alseep in this one and it is so comfortable and cosy that I wish I got all the colours. I only picked up grey and have already worn it to death. I'm also a fan as it has pockets!!


Quilted Herringbon Crossbody bag £29.99 to £15.99

Couldn't resist this chanel inspired bag. A bargain and very stylish.


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