• Sharin Hussain

Gun Violence: What is going on?

Growing up, we’ve all heard that phrase and yet somehow, our society has crumbled and allowed guns to have a bigger voice than our mouths have. We have allowed guns to take over. The freedom to own a gun in the USA has broken down our society, and now, we live in a world where almost every week, we hear news of a gun related crime. This is not right and most certainly not fair for those lives lost because gun control isn’t being implemented.

Tamera Mowry Housley, the Real TV co-host, who recently lost her 18 year old niece, Alaina Housley, in a shooting at a college bar in Thousand Oaks, California, has said, “I think the moment we focus on trying to find commonality instead of differences in the beginning, that’s where we can start with looking at human decency.”

The Housley family have started an organization called ‘Alaina’s Voice’ which is a foundation that is trying to stop media from celebrating shooters and is hoping to change gun control to a higher standard. That same night that Alaina passed away, 12 people were killed in this shooting. 12. That’s 12 people who never got to live their lives to its fullest. That’s 12 families that will never be the same. It’s heart-breaking to see, that so many lives are being lost to a weapon that has no right being in the hands of the public.

In America alone, it is reported by investigative magazine, Mother Jones, that there have been more than 90 mass shooting since 1982. That’s an estimated of 2-3 shooting every year and as this year has proved, it has exceed to over 307 mass shooting in November 2018, reported by the Business Insider. What’s crazy is the fact that when this article was released it was day 312 in the year so almost every single day there was some type of shooting in US. How have we let this escalate so quickly? So many lives are lost and the cost of a gun, according to BBC New, is just $200, that’s worth a chrome laptop. So rather than people buying useful, important things to get through their day to day lives, they can easily get themselves a handheld gun for the price of a laptop.

It is time to make a change. Rally and fight against gun violence because if change doesn’t happen now them more and more lives will be lost and you never know who could be at the wrong place at the wrong time to lose it all.

Unveiled is entirely against gun violence and if you want to support the cause then you can purchase a slogan t-shirt on the Veiled Thoughts shop to fight back against violence. A portion of the payment will be donated to the Alaina’s Voice Foundation to give them the voice to create change in the US.

It’s time to put the guns down and pick the banner up to march against gun violence.

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