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Huda Beauty Matte & Metal Shadows- Swatches

As many of you may know by following me on Instagram or being subscribed to my youtube channel, that I absolutely love the Huda Beauty Matte and Metal Melted Shadows. I think it is honestly one of the best inventions ever and even though Huda wasn't the first to do this, for me, she did it so well that I have 9 out of 15 shades she does.

To begin with, this product is travel friendly. It's something you can slip into your pocket, put into a clutch bag or just have whilst traveling far without carrying a large eyeshadow. Personally, i think it gives the same results as a eyeshadow palette would but in just 2 simple steps. On one side you have a matte shadow, perfect for the crease and waterline, and on the other side is a shimmer, perfect for an inner corner highlight or all over the lid.

I usually use the matte first and add the product directly onto my lid using the applicator and just blend it out using a shader brush. I find that I can add the product on both sides and blend without them trying down too quick otherwise you do have the option of doing each eye individually.

At the moment, none of the shimmer shades have disappointed me in terms of pigmentation which is good as I want to see the shade properly on my lids. There are still a few colours I have tested out for a long period of time but definitely follow me on instagram to get updates.

Unfortunately, for me, I think the price of £22 is a little bit high however compared to full size luxury palettes, including her rose gold one which is £56, it seems affordable yet not really because you only get two shades. For me, I love that it is just two shades, I'm not the best with eyeshadow and this product is fool-proof so anyone can use it.

I think this is ideal for beginners and mums. I say this because you can achieve the most glamarous eye look in just two minutes and being a mum, I can imagine not having time to go through a palette and figure out which shades to use. This product eliminates the need to play around as all the colours are complimentary to one another making it hassle free.

My personal favourites:

Private Jet/ Shimmering Sunset- I've had this for the longest out of all of them and it is a stunning everyday product. I think this would be stunning on all skin complexions.

Room Service/ Do Not Disturb

Hot Sauce/ Cherry Soda

Silk Bomber/ Bubblegum

Dinero/ Minted

Youtube Video & Review:

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