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My Huda Beauty Black Friday Haul & Review

After last year's spur of the moment Black Friday sale that Huda Beauty did, I think it's fair to say that this year's sale was highly anticipated by many fans who were looking to get a great deal on her best selling products. However, this year, the sale was different from what was offered last year.

Instead of it being a 40-60% off sale on the whole site, it was split into sales of 20% off up to 50% depending on the type of product. Understandably, a lot of people were upset that it wasn't the same as before however, I can imagine that Huda and her team would be completely overwhelmed with orders if it was 50% like it was last year. As it was the first sale they ever had, I'm assuming they were testing the waters to see how many orders they would get- and more so because she didn't advertise it and it sold out in like 2 days however this time around because not everyone was happy with the sale, they didn't sell out as quick but it was heavily advertised on social media.

One change that she did make that made me very happy was her delivery service. To begin with, she added customs in the checkout saving us from having to get a letter through the door, asking us to pay x amounts to get ahold of the package. Last year, some people were waiting for the orders to be shipped for a while however for me it took 5 days and this year it was even quicker coming to me in 2 days on 29th November.

This year's Black Friday deals- she also did special bundles however I preferred getting specific items instead.

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So what did I pick up?

Eyes Gift Set £24.00 RRP: £37

This wasn't part of the sale however it was reduced from its retail price of £37. I ended up picking this set instead of them individually as even with them being on sale, this set was cheaper to buy, saving me more money in the long run whilst also being able to try the mascara. I already had the liner from last year and it is still going strong but wanted to get a backup when it runs out.

Glow Gift Set £13.00 RRP: £17 I thought this was a nice mini-set for me to test out of her skincare brand, Wishful. It gives me a chance to see if I'd like any of the products enough to purchase the full-size products. It came with a mini Yo Glow Enzyme Mask and a Honey Moisturiser.

Melted Shadows £12.60 RRP: £18

I picked up 8 shades, yes you read right, 8. I am obsessed with this product and absolutely love it. This order was specifically made to pick up these shadow sticks because they are amazing!!! I already had the shade Private Jet & Shimmering Sunset but picked up these shades- Request Line & Slow Jams, Cinnamon Toast & Hella Honey, French Lace & Diamond Drip, V-I-Pink & Million Dollar Deals, Hot Sauce & Cherry Soda, Silk Bomber & Bubblegum, Room Service & Do Not Disturb, and Minted & Dinero.

The Overachiever Concealer Granola £9.50 RRP: £19

Last year I picked up this concealer in Shade Nougat but it was slightly too light for me so I decided to pick up Granola instead which is a better match for me. This was one of the products that was 50%, which was the same as last year.

Easy Bake Loose Powder Banana Bread £16.10 RRP: £23 (£29 UK Price)

l already have this in Pound Cake as I missed out on Banana Bread last year becuase it sold out so quickly. I think this is a better match for me than pound Cake is. The price difference from last year is around £3-4 (which is still worth buying in her sales than in the UK).

Mini Power Bullet Nudes £14.00 UK PRICE: £18

The full-size lipsticks were on sale for around £12 however, I thought it was better I get these sets as I knew I would never be able to finish a full-size lipstick up and this way, I had two colours to try out instead. In the UK, this set retails for £18 as VAT is included. The set includes Girl's Trip & Interview.

Mini Power Bullet Reds £14.00 UK PRICE: £18

The red shades, Promotion Day & El Cinco De Mayo look stunning so I couldn't resist these. Glad I got them as I am able to travel with them and the formula is exactly like the full size version.

Bake & Blend Face Brush £14.00 RRP: £20

I had heard a lot of great things about her face brushes and almost didn't pick one up as I didn't know which was better for me however I stuck to this one as it would be great for baking with.

Throwback Lip Set - Board Meeting & HBIC £13.80 RRP: £23 SALE PRICE: £16.10

This was an absolute bargain. A full-size lipstick (which was on sale for £12 something AND you get a full-size lipliner in HBIC. What a steal. I'll be honest, I'm not sure if Board Meeting suits me however I think layered on in the center of a darker lip will make it look nice.

This year's video:

Last year's video (I look so different now):

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