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My Skincare Routine

Thanks to Caroline Hirons, I am now totally in control of my skincare routine. Before I was so lost and clueless as to what I needed to be doing and using in my day to day skincare routine and FINALLY, I found a simple and easy book to help me get my skincare routine in order. If you're unsure of skincare in general, the jargon, and more, then please, I highly recommend reading Caroline Hirons' SkinCare: The ultimate no-nonsense guide.

My Morning Routine:

Cleanse: Use a cleanser/face wash to take off last night's sweat or even leftover makeup residue. I am currently loving the Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm which I tend to use as a nighttime cleanser and the Neutrogena Daily Wash which I use during my morning face wash. I use this one in particular as it helps prevent spots from breaking out.

Toner: I genuinely didn't know what a toner was and why it was used until this book. The toner helps remove any excess makeup product from your face whilst also adding skincare goodness into your skin depending on which one you use. You may have cleansed but honestly, that is not nearly enough. The toner just picks up on any dirt that your cleanser missed. This product is often used with a cotton pad. I have been using the Pixi Glow Tonic and it has worked a treat at removing excess makeup. I also use the Pixi Retinol Tonic as well and rotate between the two.

Face Mist: With any skin type, you should be using a face mist to just elevate your skin and feel refreshed. I have been absolutely obsessed with the Caudalie Beauty Elixir, however, I have now run out of this one and am contemplating whether I should repurchase it as it is quite expensive and I end up finishing it in 5 months. Alternatively, I also recently picked up the Pixi Glow Mist and haven't really used it enough times to comment on how I feel but since the Caudalie is finished, the Pixi one will be used more often. I also have the Body Shop Vitamin E Mist which I love and will continue to repurchase.

Eye Cream: I'll be honest, I don't get the hype for eye creams but if Caroline tells you to do something, you just do it. So as it happens I have a sample size of the Bobbi Brown Eye Cream and have been using it. I do find it quite soothing to use my ring finger to massage it into the skin. I also recently picked up this Boots Glow Eye Cream which is only £4 and so far I have been loving it.

Serums/Oils: I don't use these every day but on occasion, I do take the extra step to add this into my routine especially if my skin is a bit worse for wear. I have been using the Revolution Hyaluronic Acid serum and the Tarte Maracuja Oil.

Moisturiser: I have dry skin so this step is a very important step for me. I have currently been rotating between three moisturisers. The first is Embroylisse Lait-Creme which is slightly thicker in consistency but you also only need a little. I love using this one for special events or when I am wearing full coverage makeup. I use the Olay Beauty Fluid more day to day as it's a nice light consistency and I have the Nivea cream for the same purpose but I tend not to put on makeup when using this cream as it has SPF15.

Sunscreen Protection SPF: SPF is so important for your skin. It may seem like an extra step in your routine but the benefits of putting on SPF is to protect your skin. I am currently loving the La Roche Posey SPF 50. I have previously used the Body Shop SPF.

Lip Balm: I'm obsessed with lip balms, oils, just anything that takes care of my lips. I have a long list of lip oils I want to try but for now, I've been loving the Dr. Lipp Tint, which I got in a set of three, and all of them have been well received. I also love the Carmex Moisture Plus and the Vaseline SPF 15. which is what I rotate and use depending on the level of moisturisation my lips need.

So there you have it, this is my current Morning Skincare Routine. I hope this helps you out and comment down below some of your favourite skincare products.

Here's a clip of me doing my skincare routine: don't forget to follow me on Instagram.

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