• Sharin Hussain

Primark Haul: Summer Sale & Autumn New

With Autumn already here, Primark has not only released new Autumn wear but they have also put on a sale for their summer stuff. I picked up a few things that I wanted.

Firstly, their sunglasses are on sale, now mostly only £1. I picked up this style which was £3 but I picked up on sale for only £1. I really liked this style so much so that I picked up two.

I also picked up some gorgeous heels for only £5 from £10. I love the fabric and style of them and can't wait to wear them.

This next piece is shoes that I was actually going to buy when it wasn't on sale for £8 however, I wasn't sure if they were my style but for only £2, they are an absolute steal- I'm literally paying £1 for each shoe. I decided that at least this way if they don't suit me or I find them uncomfortable, at least the price won't make me regret it.

For the rest of the haul and sale items, please check out this youtube video of me sharing my Primark Haul! I hope you enjoy!

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