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Top 10 Beauty Products Under £5

Yes, you heard right, there are beauty products worth buying under £5. What's so great about this? Well for starters the price is very good and the quality is also well worth it. Some even compare to high-end products.

Revolution Conceal & Define Concealers, £5

This is a super loved concealer by many influencers, often being compared as a dupe for the Tarte Shape Tape. I use the shaded C8, C8.5, and the Orange Corrector. They also do different selections in this range. You can also find this concealer on sale at times.

Essence Brighten Up! Powder, £3

An extremely affordable drugstore powder that is so great at brightening the under eyes.

Wet N Wild Colour Icon Blusher, £3.95

I purchased this blusher nearly five years ago back when it was only available on Amazon and I still love this blusher today. The pigmentation is gorgeous and the colour payoff on the cheeks is great and easy to build up.

Primark Brow Pencil, £1 (In-store only)

I absolutely love this pencil and find it to be one of the best drugstores finds when it comes to brows. It's got a waxy feel to it and is probably more suited for those who have thick bushy brows as I have however that's not to say that this product won't fill in a sparse brow.

MUA Lash & Brow Gel £2 (May be discontinued or repackaged)

I saw a friend of mine using this product and it made her brows look amazing and so I had to try it out for myself. It is a very good brow gel for only £2 and I feel it really holds my brows in place. I think they have relaunched this product with colour but I have yet to try it.

Collection Glam Crystals, £2.99

These amazing £3 glitter liners are often compared to the Urban Decay glitter liners which are £15. I love that this is so affordable and it does the exact same thing. They also do this in a bunch of different colours to make your glitter eye look easier.

Revolution Reloaded Palettes, £5

There is an array of different colour stories that this collection has and it's up to your personal preference in what you want to get. They have neutral palettes, colourful ones and they have also done some high-end dupes. For £5, you get 15 shadows, all performing to a good standard depending on the shade and formula. I personally love their matte and shimmer shades and find them very blendable.

Vaseline Lip Balm Cocoa Butter, £2.08

This is my absolute favourite affordable lip balm that does such a good job of hydrating the lips whilst also providing SPF15. You honestly cannot go wrong with this product and can often find it for around £1.

Wet N Wild Give Me Mocha Liquid Catsuit, £4.75

I have finished up this liquid lipstick. It is my perfect nude and not only that it isn't at all drying on the lips. They also do other shades so you are able to see what suits you best but I definitely recommend these.

Collection Velvet Kiss, £2.99

This is a gorgeous velvet creme that adds a light colour to your lips which also keeping it soft and hydrated. I personally love the shade Hot Cakes and think it's such an affordable lip product for only £3!

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