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5 Women's Campaigns You Should Follow

It's amazing when women support women and it's even better when a community is formed regarding something that each individual is passionate about, these 5 wonderful strong women have created campaigns and movements to inspire and encourage one another.

i_weigh is a movement founded by Jameela Jamil, actress and activist, who launched the Instagram account as a show ‘how valuable and amazing we can and look beyond the flesh of our bones’. With over 600,000 followers, the movement has empowered men and women to share who they really are without the stigma or stereotype that women are often faced with. Examples include, sharing your career, being a parent, personality traits and more.

Gurlstalk is a campaign created by model, Adwoa Aboah, which was created as a safe space to share and listen without any judgement or stigma. Since the launch, GurlsTalk have established a global community and Aboah has created a collection of beauty products with Revlon UK. Adoah has also started a podcasting series where she invites special guests to come over and talk.

BlackGirlFest is founded by two friends, Paula Akpan and Nicole Crentsil who wanted a platform to share and celebrate Black British girls and women. They have been hosting talks and workshops with guest appearances from powerful black women. Akpan said, ‘We wanted to create something we wished we had for our younger selves’.

Malala Fund is a charity organisation which was launched by Malala Yousafzai who was shot in the head by the Taliban back in 2012, an advocate for girl’s education, has continued to support the cause and makes sure that young girls around the world get the education they deserve.

#GirlLove was started by Lilly Singh, more commonly known by her Youtube user name, iisuperwomanii. The campaign was started to empower women to love and support one and other. She created a video that talked about how she has over 6 million girls watching her videos and wanted a change for girl-on-girl hate. Since that video, many other youtubers have also shared videos using the hashtag #GirlLove to show support to women globally. All the funds that Girllove made from merchandise was given to Malala fund.

Support these campaigns by donating or sharing on social media platforms. You can also join in with the campaigns as well.

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